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August 13, 2010

Adventures in Fostering

Hi, all! I’m a new foster mom and I want you guys to know all about what it’s like. This new series will give you a look into what it’s like to care for newborn puppies up until their adoption time.

Lucy, the pups’ mom, has a new home…and it’s with me! I’m warning you now that fostering may lead to more pets in your household. It’s so easy to become attached to an animal, no matter how long they are in your house. I had been looking for a home for Lucy, but realized that I didn’t like the idea of letting her go. So after giving it some thought and weighing the different outcomes, I adopted Lucy today. I’m very happy and she slept through it after being given the complimentary cozy corral pet bed that now comes with adoption. Check out the picture of her adoption and stay tuned for one last post on the last two puppies with their adopter!


August 6, 2010

Introducing the Surgical Utility Vehicle!

The Atlanta Humane Society, as part of our ongoing effort to reduce the number of unwanted animals born in the state of Georgia each year, will provide low-cost spay and neuter services for dogs and cats on its state-of-the-art mobile Surgical Utility Vehicle (SUV)! The SUV program is an extension of our outreach initiative, designed to provide spay/neuter services for individuals who are unable to access our wellness hospital located here at the shelter.

The SUV will be making rounds to various locations throughout Georgia over the course of the year. An updated schedule of dates and locations is listed below. Scheduling is currently being conducted using the SUV voicemail system. To access this system, please leave a detailed message at 404.974.2885. Messages left on the system will be returned M-F between the hours of 8-10am and 2-4pm.

SUV Spay/Neuter Schedule

August 12 – 13: Gordon, GA

August 19 – 20: Rome, GA

August 26 – 27: Atlanta, GA

September 2 – 3: Blairsville, GA*

*To schedule your appointment please contact Lisa McConnell at 706.781.3843 Tuesday through Saturday.
Additional dates will be added to the schedule as they become available.

We’re hoping this effort cuts down on unwanted litters in our area. During the month of July we were challenged to raise $50,000 for the SUV and if sucessful, a donor would match that amount dollar for dollar. We accomplished our goal and the generous donor came through, which means $100,000 has been raised for our SUV! Having these donations makes low-cost spay and neuter services possible and we’re very thankful for the help we’ve had! To find out more about our new SUV and to see a detailed list of pricing, follow this link:

To see a video clip of the SUV please visit our Youtube channel.

May 4, 2010

Foster Parent to the Rescue!

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In our Admission department, we get a lot of requests for help with animals. One request in particular made our hearts cry, and we just knew we had to find a way to help.

We had learned about a Chocolate Hound mix who was brought to a metro Atlanta Animal Control facility with her 4 newborn puppies. Like many county shelters, they were small and overcrowded, and needed to find a place for her where she can nurse her pups. When we saw their pictures, we immediately sent out a request for help to our foster parents to see if anyone was willing to open their heart and home and care for this new family temporarily. We were successful!

A veteran foster mom quickly stepped up to the plate. We went and picked up mom and pups, and brought them back to AHS where they went to their temporary foster home only a short time later. The mom has been named Cinnamon, and their foster mom says she will easily name the pups as they get older and their personalities start to shine through. Their foster mom will be sending us pictures, so make sure to check our blog for updates on the lucky family!

With springtime here, our Admission Department receives several calls daily about young puppies and kittens who aren’t quite old enough for adoption. If you are interested in helping these little guys, please email our foster coordinator at to inquire about becoming a foster parent!

April 12, 2010

Wonderful Mr. Magorium

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Mr. Magorium is a stray Persian cat, who found his way to us. When he came in, he was so badly matted that it took employees almost 2 hours to shave him down! He had about 4 inches of matted fur around his entire body. Poor guy could barely move because his fur on his stomach was matted to the fur on his legs.

Needless to say, as you can tell by his picture that Mr. Magorium looks a lot more handsome than he did when we found him. So handsome, in fact, that he found himself a forever home!

April 9, 2010

Get Peace of Mind for Your Pet

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One look at this precious face, and you wonder, “How can anyone this adorable ever become lost?” Well, this puppy, who we’ve named “Pudgy Fudgy”, just came to the Atlanta Humane Society as a stray pup. A good samaritan had found her in their front yard, just wandering around aimlessly and crying for someone to find her.  She wasn’t wearing any collar, had no identification tags, nor a microchip. Surely, someone would come looking for her… right?

Sad to say, nobody came to reclaim Pudgy as their own. Pudgy was prepped for her adoption (which includes a microchip!). After appearing on FOX News, several people called the shelter to find out how to adopt her. On the day of her TV debut, Pudgy had found her forever family.

Unfortunately, Pudgy Fudgy’s story is not an unusual one. Many animals of all shapes and sizes are turned in to animal shelters because they are lost and have no means of identifying an owner. Microchipping is a fairly easy and inexpensive way to permanently have an id for your pet. It is also important to keep your contact information updated as it changes, so that way you can always be located if your pet were ever to get lost.

The Atlanta Humane Society Clinic offers microchipping services available to the public. For a $25 fee, you can have your pet chipped and have the peace of mind that your pet will always have a way to be identified. Please contact our clinic at 404.875.6420 to make an appointment today!

April 8, 2010

Doggie Day Out!

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Holidays aren’t just for people… some of our “Society” dogs enjoyed their Easter as well! Since the shelter was closed to the public on Easter Sunday, several staff and volunteers took a few dogs out to Red Top Mountain. They took a few older puppies (Mater, Pasqua, and Gage), who had been at the shelter since they were small pups. They all went on a two mile hike, which the dogs thought was amazing! They sniffed behind every tree, loved barking at the squirrels, and even enjoyed a nice dip in the lake! By the end of their outing, the dogs were tired, muddy, but incredibly happy. When they arrived back at the shelter, they all crawled on to their Kuranda beds and fell asleep immediately. We’re sure they were dreaming of going for hikes and swims with their new families, which hopefully, will come and adopt them soon!

March 29, 2010

Purdy – A Puppy Mill Rescue

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Purdy is a gorgeous, white Boxer who was originally rescued from a puppy mill, where she was only kept to make her previous owner a profit. She came to us and was immediately a staff and volunteer favorite. Shortly after she was placed up for adoption, we noticed her limping. After a few x-rays, we found that she had a cruciate ligament in her back left knee. It required a very expensive, orthopedic surgery, which is a service our vets at AHS cannot provide.

We reached out to local vets and rescues to see if anyone would be able to help us. We were extremely lucky to find Dr. Craig at Lake Dow Animal Hospital. She offered to help us with Purdy’s surgery! Purdy has gone through her surgery, and is recovering wonderfully in a foster home. Despite the Dr. Craig’s orders of restricted activity and bed rest, Purdy wants to walk around and follow her foster parents everywhere. Once she has fully recovered, she will be placed up for adoption, and find the forever home she deserves!

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