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May 4, 2010

Foster Parent to the Rescue!

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In our Admission department, we get a lot of requests for help with animals. One request in particular made our hearts cry, and we just knew we had to find a way to help.

We had learned about a Chocolate Hound mix who was brought to a metro Atlanta Animal Control facility with her 4 newborn puppies. Like many county shelters, they were small and overcrowded, and needed to find a place for her where she can nurse her pups. When we saw their pictures, we immediately sent out a request for help to our foster parents to see if anyone was willing to open their heart and home and care for this new family temporarily. We were successful!

A veteran foster mom quickly stepped up to the plate. We went and picked up mom and pups, and brought them back to AHS where they went to their temporary foster home only a short time later. The mom has been named Cinnamon, and their foster mom says she will easily name the pups as they get older and their personalities start to shine through. Their foster mom will be sending us pictures, so make sure to check our blog for updates on the lucky family!

With springtime here, our Admission Department receives several calls daily about young puppies and kittens who aren’t quite old enough for adoption. If you are interested in helping these little guys, please email our foster coordinator at to inquire about becoming a foster parent!


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