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March 4, 2010

Washington-Wilkes Animal Shelter Transfer/Rescue

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We had set sail for what seemed like another shelter transfer/rescue. The Washington-Wilkes Animal Shelter was in need of help from their local media outlets and surrounding animal loving friends. With two vehicles in route we were on our way. Sounded pretty routine, we’d done this numerous times. That’s when things went wrong. The engine failed in our mobile adoption bus just 30 miles from our destination during a fill up at a BP gas station. Luckily if it hadn’t been for a nice trucker we still might be there. With an interruption to his hotdog lunch, he graciously gave the adoption bus the jump it needed to get back on the road.

On the road again, we were anxious to arrive. Just ten miles from the shelter, the bus broke down again! This time we were rescued by the Georgia State Patrol. They helped us push the bus to the shoulder of the road. We thought we were doing the rescuing and here we were needing to be rescued. Without hesitation we were met with our own rescue group and our PetAid van left AHS for the long journey to come help load the animals.

One rescue team had headed to pick up 10 cats from a Washington-Wilkes County supporter earlier and met the other team to help at the shelter. With combined efforts we were able to transfer/rescue 10 cats and 19 dogs and puppies.

We work and believe it’s all for the animals. They help us in ways we can not imagine. We are grateful for the help we received from our animal loving friends. Thank You!


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  1. THANK YOU and your rescue team for reaching the Washington-Wilkes Animal Shelter. Also, a big thanks to the trucker and Georgia State Patrolman for lending aid. I appreciate all that you do for the animals.

    Comment by Laura Martin — March 9, 2010 @ 7:50 pm

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